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Why Blog?

If you knew me, you would never in a million years think that I would be writing a blog. Up until 6 months ago, I didn’t even have a smart phone. I hadn’t bought a new cell phone in 15 years. So why blog? Good question. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world learning the latest in treatment and innovation for people with vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, falls, hearing problems, concussion, and facial paralysis. I benefit from this knowledge, because I love to learn! My patients also benefit from these travels, because they get the latest treatments for their issues. However, there are so many people out there that have no access to information that could potentially change their lives and give them hope for a cure. Many times the people who see me in my office say, “Why hasn’t anyone else told me that before?”.

By now, you are probably wondering who I am. I am a physical therapist who works with people with vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, falls, inner ear disorders, concussion, facial paralysis, stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease. I have been a therapist since 1998 and have a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. I have worked in acute care hospitals, out patient facilities, and nursing homes. I opened my own practice, Equinox Physical Therapy in 2011, because I wanted to be in charge of how patients are treated from the moment they seek treatment until the time their therapy is completed. But, I don’t want this blog to be about me. I want it to be about you, that is, if you have any of the conditions I mentioned above…

But still you must be wondering, why blog? So what happened? Well, I was on a vacation to South Africa, and I met a fascinating young, talented woman who has started a blog relating to her business, which is about baking, decorating, and do-it-yourself crafts. If you love these things, you should check out her blog: Her name is Alana Jones-Mann. She was sharing with me how many people she could reach with her blog ideas, and it clicked! I thought WOW- this is the answer to my question of how to share my unique experiences with the general public. I had considered starting a support group at my office, but this would only help the local people. Whereas a blog could help people all over the world and be free of charge. Also, when you are dizzy, driving could be a problem… But with a blog, the person can connect and learn right from their own living room! What a great idea! I was hooked!

Cheetah Blog_1

Two Cheetah brothers seen on Safari- South African inspiration at it’s best!

These are my ideas, and I’m sure that the more I do this, the better I will get at it, so be patient with me…

This is my mission statement: To provide information for free on the latest research, technology, treatment, and support for those living with dizziness, vertigo, balance problems, falls, facial paralysis, concussion, and inner ear disorders.

I want to include updates on meetings I attend. You see, the meetings I go to are for physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, and audiologists. I see this new blog as a bridge for the average guy or gal, to learn what is new in health care and how can they learn more to better their lives. I will share with you the latest and greatest in regards to treating the above symptoms, and links to the information.

I hope you find this information helpful, and hopeful. It is not meant to substitute for an evaluation by a doctor or physical therapist, so if you are having a problem, go see a reputable health care professional for guidance… Please feel free to give me your input, as this blog means nothing if it reaches no one… Also, let’s keep the message in focus, which is to help…

You can contact me, and I am interested in your comments.

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