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Dr. Laura Wazen, DPT
Doctorate in Physical Therapy


Laura Wazen received her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 from Rutger’s University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).  She returned to UMDNJ and completed her Doctorate Degree in 2007.  She is certified in treating Vestibular Disorders by Susan Herdman.


Dr. Laura Wazen enjoys teaching in any setting.  The most obvious, is the one on one time that Laura spends with her patients and their families in Equinox Physical Therapy.  She also lectures in the community, and participates in local health fairs doing balance screenings and fall prevention lectures.  She has been a guest speaker at the American Academy of Audiology and the Middle Eastern Medical Society Association Meeting.  She has given grand rounds in Otolaryngology at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, and assisted in the creation of the first vestibular physical therapy center in the Middle East at this institution.  She has trained many physical therapy students in her career, as well as professional colleagues.

Professional Development:

Before moving to Florida in 2007, Laura was Supervisor of Physical Therapy Services at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.  She was the physical therapist responsible for creating the Balance Management Center at Lenox Hill Hospital.  She founded the Vestibular Special Interest Group of Manhattan, a patient support group established to help patients understand their conditions, and that they are not alone.  In 2007, she moved to Sarasota Florida, treating patients at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and the Silverstein Institute.  In 2011, Laura fulfilled her dream of starting her own practice called Equinox Physical Therapy.  


Dr. Wazen has a bachelor’s degree in music, specifically vocal performance.  Her studies as a musician have helped her to become a better physical therapist.  She says, “When I was a music student, I would meet weekly with my teacher, trying to understand and execute all the skills that my teacher taught me.  When I succeeded, so did my teacher.  I want to bring this same personal commitment to my patients, and their success is my proudest accomplishment.”

Dr. Laura Wazen

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Listen. Listening is the most important step in understanding a patient’s concern. It is the most basic beginning, and in health care today, so often undervalued. It directs understanding, direction of testing, and formulation of a plan. It is the most important step in paving the road to treatment and recovery.

Learn. My role is not only to learn from my patients, but to guide them in how to learn from me, what they should do to take back their lives and create positive change.

Live. Life is a gift. The purpose of all treatment at Equinox Physical Therapy is to restore function, independence, and freedom to clients recovering from or living with an illness.





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